About Us

Synergy Insurance Brokers was formed as a result of careful planning and understanding of insurance facilities. It became evident that insurance is a highly technical field and therefore it demands a high level of competence. The Company has commitment to render quality service of the highest standard, specially seeking to meet the needs of our Clients.

Our Mission

To develop and maintain everlasting business partnerships with our Clients through which all parties involved with us can benefit and enjoy excellent insurance solutions

Our Vision

Insurance is more than just a transfer of risk mechanism. It is about trust, commitment and service excellence beyond expectations. It requires pulsating actions adopting to any change, whereby all parties involved with us can benefit and enjoy excellent insurance solutions.

Support your client everywhere your product impacts his business. Synergy’s seamless strategy covers your needs from risk analysis to creating partnerships based on providing excellent service levels coupled with innovative insurance solutions for the maximum benefit at the most competitive pricing.


Background this is the avenue from which a level of competence is established, experience and vision of a broker are of core importance. The client at the outset should be made aware of the expertise of the Broker handling. His portfolio as it is the invaluable expertise of the broker that ultimately provides the re-building process after any calamity.

In this avenue, we pride ourselves on ensuring our team has a high level of expertise. Synergy has strategically positioned itself for being able to provide service excellence beyond expectations.

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